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Vanguard scientific instruments in management '2017 


 1) The tenth installment of the conference "Vanguard scientific instruments in management" will be held from 13. to 17 September 2017 in UNWE Study and recreational center in Ravda, Black Sea Coast, BULGARIA. With this letter we would like to confirm the technical program of the conference which is available at the website: 

2) Aiming to help the self-organization of the transport to and from Ravda, we are putting the link below, where everyone with places in their cars and everyone looking for transport may coordinate: Transport to VSIM:17 

 3) The participants should bring a laptop, with the following freeware software installed: Orange Data Mining ( ) Gretl: Gnu Regression, Econometrics and Time-series Library ( ) If you have any further questions, please write on avangard_conf[at]

If you have any questions (regarding the travel, accommodation, visa, etc.)  Any additional ideas for the conference are welcome. We are expecting your suggestions and applications. 

You could contact on phone: +359888444062  or e-mail: 

 Angel Marchev Angel Marchev, Jr.

Mailing address of the conference is:

Studentski Grad "Hristo Botev"
UNWE, room 1048
Sofia 1000